Dog Agility Equipment: Mark's Agility Equipment

9-foot A-Frame

Our Contact equipment is made with aluminum frame work and is adjustable for training. The top surface is an aluminum composite material, light weight and extremely weather resistant.

For the dogs' safety, all slats are as thin as regulation allows and are well-rounded. I offer sand or rubber textured surface. Color choices blue,red,green, or purple

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Teeter 12-foot dog walk


We have 4 different styles of weaves:Channel Weaves, Weave-O-Matics, 2 X 2's  and Regular Weaves

All are constructed from Aluminum

Weave  Pole spacing is 24"

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Jumps for dog agility. Tire jump.

We have many different styles of jumps.
All jumps are 4' wide unless otherwise specified. Jump cups are polypropylene.

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Pause tables: aluminum pictured.

I offer a PVC Table with a wood top and an Aluminum Table with a Aluminum Top.

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Tunnels for dog agility training

Tunnels are 20' or 15' long and 6" or 4" pitch available in blue, red or yellow.

Tunnel Sand Bags and Chutes are only available in blue.

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Sun umbrella holder

Just some more cool items !

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