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 Animal Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography - is a detailed high resolution image. These images are based on thermal energy or "heat" that your dog, or any other animal, is giving off.  A decrease in blood circulation, muscle injury, inflammation or any other abnormality can show up in varying degrees of colors on the image taken.

What Happens on the first visit? On your first visit a full set of images is taken to establish a baseline of photos for your pet. Your pet will have to stand still while the photos are being taken so you may want to practice that before your appointment.

After the thermal images are taken they are digitally enhanced and a full report is made, which can take another hour or more. The report will then be e-mailed to you, if a vet consult is needed it must be requested.

Animal Infrared Thermography photo exampleAnimal Infrared Thermography Services - I  will be working with both you and your current vet to help achieve the best diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

Diagnosis Program Options:

 - Baseline set of images for evaluation of inflammation and circulation abnormalities, must have to start a program.

- If Requested a vet consultation by phone with a data report sent containing both visual and thermal images.

Rehab Program Options:

 - exercise and conditioning training, this is for the pets owner to learn what to do for rehabilitation.

- followup thermal images to monitor rehab and recheck abnormal areas.

- address any other concerns you or your vet may have.

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