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Respond Laser Systems for Dogs and Horses

- Use for treating sprains , muscle injuries, tendons and ligaments in your performance animals.

***Get the 2400XL Laser - Rental  or  Purchase Options are Available

- Animals recovery is 67% faster with the use of a laser

- 904 NM wavelength for more energy to penetrate deep into joints and muscles.

- It uses true lasers, NOT LED's, and it's a class III B laser.

BioPulse Electromagnetic Therapy ( PEMF)

Bio pulse produces magnetic fields, which are stronger then magnets, taking only 30 minutes for a treatment. Great for reducing swelling and increaseing circulation in dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or injuries.

- Both Bio Pulse Dog Jackets and Bio Pulse Dog Beds come in either Large or small size.

****  For more info on Respond Lasers or Bio Pulse Beds/Jackets click on the link and tell them "Marks Agility Equipment" sent you.


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